Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tiered Instruction

Just adding some link about tiered instruction.

From my first year at Harper, I have discovered that in order to be a successful, I need to differentiate. I started using a tiered assignment approach, borrowing from Dan Meyer (excellent resource, by the way). With our school's focus on College Readiness Standards, I created practice sheets that had 3 categories - Review, Practice, Challenge - that were aligned to the math CRS. During our practice time, I allowed students to pick the type of problem they worked on.

I mentioned this during one of our TAP cluster meetings, and one of the science teachers took this to the next level. She assigned a weekly homework packet with various difficulty levels of problems. Problems were weighted based on their difficulty. Students could select which problems to complete. These types of assignments could be aligned to CRS.

So my goal this summer is to investigate tiered instruction. I am going to keep a list of links that I find during my investigations here.
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