Monday, August 31, 2009

Everyday a star is born...

And you say New York City...Blueprint3

From the leaked songs, this is the hottest one I heard so far.

I think Young Forever will be a pop radio hit b/c of the sample.

Unfortunately, otherwise its very disappointing.

I am sad...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Do you have Persistence?

What Students Want

As a student, what do you want from teachers?

This article from ASCD's Educational Leadership (via Generation YES Blog) lists the following things students want from teachers:
  • Take me seriously
  • Challenge me to think
  • Nurture my self-respect
  • Show me I can make a difference
  • Let me do it my way
  • Point me toward my goals
  • Make me feel important
  • Build on my interests
  • Tap my creativity
  • Bring out my best self
Do you agree with this list? Would you add anything? Take anything away? If you could only pick ONE item from the list, what would it be?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Testing blog posting via sms.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Would you take Typing?

I hate typewriters.

I remember back in high school -- that's a long time ago even though I don't want to admit it -- I told my counselor that I wanted to take Typing. In class, we had 3 electric typewriters and the rest were manual ones that you had to really "punch" the keys. I was never really good at typing, especially b/c it took me forever to get to the class and I was always stuck with a manual typewriter.

Computer typing, now that's something I can deal with. You got a backspace key, you can play with the cursor and move it around, insert things, highlight, cut and paste.

Several teachers and I were having a conversation about learning to type. How did you learn to type? Do you think Harper should offer a Typing class? Do you think typing is a valuable skill?

Here is an interesting article on this subject.

Can you stay hot forever?

At what point do you retire? Can a legend remain on top forever?

At some point, we have to admit that our skills have diminished. It took Mike a little time to figure this out. AI is sitting at home waiting for someone to call him and offer him a job. For athletes, it is clear when they should move on.

Does this happen to the mailman? To the president of Boeing? To teachers?

Do singers experience the same diminishing skills? Will Beyonce's voice disappear? I guess Whitney Houston's voice is gone, but I'm putting that on her suspected extracurricular activities. I'm still waiting for Rakim Allah's album to drop. But is my waiting futile? I have already been disappointed by Nas and Common. The latest track by Jay is HOT, but it is very clear to me that he was easily outdone by Kanye...And I love Hova! Not that Jay didn't bring it, he was just outdone. Whose gonna run this town tonight?

Office Space

Got my office the other day. Its really the TAP office and I share it with Ms. Carter, Ms. Jones, and Ms. Otter. Its hidden in the back of the library. Everyone that I have met at Harper has made me feel welcomed and comfortable. I am sad that summer is basically over, though.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Schools Starts

Tuesday, Sept 8. I just got my tentative schedule. 7th Period Adv Algebra w/ Trig.


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